‘Love Landscape’ – Thanks for coming!

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A big thank you to everyone who was able to come along and see the ‘Love Landscape’ exhibition last weekend including many fellow photographers – I always appreciate your support and constructive comments, though the 2014 landscape photographer of the year, Mark Littlejon managed to upstage me by autographing a book someone brought along on the off chance of bumping into him! – Cheers Mark 😉

Once again I was amazed at the number of people who came along (we reckon about 350 over the two days) and I was even more amazed that I managed to talk the whole way through without losing my voice!

We also managed to donate £200 to Askham village hall from the sale of coffee & cakes (many thanks to those who made cakes for the weekend).

There were lots of really nice comments about the work. Photography is often a lonely, solitary pursuit and you never know whether your work is going in the right direction until you stick your head above the parapet and let others scrutinise it, so thanks for all the conversations.

In response to a few queries raised:

1)You’re right, I didn’t use ISO 31 on one of my shots, that was a typo. It was ISO 32 (may reconsider displaying technical data after that one!)

Stob Dearg, Buachaille Etive Mor, Rod Ireland Photography

2) Yes, I thought the use of a polariser was necessary on the Blea Tarn reflection shot. My work is fairly classical and I tend to process towards the subtle end of the scale. That said I’m not particularly wedded to the notion of literal representations being the only valid option. Sometimes I throw off the shackles and increase saturation in the scene 🙂

reflection blea tarn, Rod Ireland Photography











3) Well done Andrew Leaney on spotting that my displayed picture of ‘Beneath’ was orientated differently to that on the greetings cards produced. I made a last minute, creative director decision to hand the image portrait rather than landscape. I do have moments of spontaneity!

‘Beneath’ Cliburn moss, Rod Ireland Photography








4) The ‘bright bits of grass’ on the Moonlight on Mardale Shot weren’t me getting too excited in Photoshop, simply areas where my head torch lingered when I was ‘painting with light’. A real nod there to the ‘in-camera’ fraternity.

Moonlight on Mardale, Rod Ireland Photography

I think that covers everything! Joking aside, I never stop learning from conversations with other photographers and artists, so keep them coming.

All the prints ordered at the exhibition have now been processed and these will be going out to customers in the next 10 days or so.

Big thanks again, Rod & Pauline

A date for your diaries:

25th – 29th August 2016 – ‘Lake District by Night’ Photography Exhibition. Moot Hall, Keswick (Rod Ireland and Jonny Marchant)

‘Lake District by Night’ by Rod Ireland Photography

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