Steve is Manchester born, but spent his youth living in the North East, then Cheshire before moving to Surrey. This allowed him to explore large areas of the UK’s mountains, moors, coastline and woodland. Having done his journeying, he’s now back in his spiritual ‘up North’.

Being a self-confessed mountain and nature lover, from an early age he could be found constructing elaborate shelters, practicing survival skills in the forests of County Durham, bird watching, fishing and wildlife spotting, or bounding up the nearest hill.

(Steve aged 10 proud of his first tent, but Shandy the dog not so impressed)

At the age of 14, he managed to save up enough paper round money for a 2 week backpacking trip to the Lake District, and he’s never looked back.  However the full size fishing rod, tackle box, mod parka, bowling shoes and selection of Specials and Jam cassettes don’t feature in his wild camping kit anymore!

(1982 en route to Keswick over Raise, have Doc Martens – will travel!)

Since dabbling with traditional climbing at the age of 17 he’s continued to enjoy one of the most exhilarating and challenging sports in places such as Scotland, The Lakes and the sea cliffs of North Devon.

Seconding a brutal layback (Steve’s words!) on Urizen Baggy Point Devon (Probably wishing he’d gone for that cream tea instead!)

Steve love’s the UK Mountains and the amazing diversity of terrain they have to offer as well as the sense of comfort and tranquility remote, wild places bring in this increasingly busy world.

He holds the Summer Mountain Leader Award and is currently preparing for the Single Pitch Award assessment. Over nearly 30 years, he’s acquired a broad range of experiences on the hills and crags, working with both adults as well as mentoring groups of young people and fostering a sense of appreciation for the uplands.

In a nutshell, Steve has a real connection with the outdoor environment and a range and depth of knowledge that he’s passionate about sharing with others. Passing this interest for wild places onto others and hopefully laying down the spark that can fire their interest is what he’s about.

(Borrowdale,  Teaching Navigation and Mountain Craft to World Challenge Students)


Favourite Places:
Skiddaw as it holds fond memories of climbing it with my father very early on a summers morning. It was still windy on top as always. Great stuff. Also Pike O Blisco at dawn;  and Tunstall Reservoir County Durham holds so many happy memories

Favourite outdoor food?

What inspires you?
Nature and open spaces.

Funniest mountain moment?
Being beaten up by a sheep on top of Pen y Fan in the Brecon Beacons, It head butted me in the back and stole my Mars Bar out of my hand, … I’m currently seeking therapy!

Strangest / Daftest thing you’ve seen in the hills?
Coming down from Angle Tarn at 3am in the morning, and seeing two blokes coming up, carrying a barrel of beer…. priceless…

Pet hate?
Litter! and grumpy people on the hill!

Favourite Saying: 
Friendship forged in adversity – is stronger than welded steel.

What do you like doing away from the mountains?
I love a bit of fishing, I drum in a band, and I’m always planning for my next trip into the Mountains.